Inspire, Impart… Multiply!

I love being around people who are contagious. Wait a minute; before you read further, I’m not talking about communicable diseases here, I’m talking about people who have a zest for life, an uncontainable joy, or red-hot passion to change something out of sink.

These are the very people who encourage me to think outside the box; to look at life differently through a wide open spectrum of possibilities. I want to surround myself with these kinds of people. Separate from the ones who drag me down by focusing on wrong things, or hold me back because of their own insecurities. I want to connect myself to those who will inspire and encourage me to do great things.

In fact, I want to be that kind of person to everyone around me. I realize the importance of doing the best I can with every life that crosses my path. I see greatness in people and I want to help them achieve their dreams, walk in the fullness of their gifts, and complete their purpose. I want people to be joyful and blessed. I want to be the person that brings those things to them.

Sometimes when people around us achieve great things we become jealous and want to try to take away from their success. We want to compete with them to show ourselves more accomplished. It is my hope that some day we will all be excited about the achievements of others and further when they want to stretch their wings and fly, we will allow our own words (breath) to blow like the wind that will catapult them into a greater place.

People are like fruit to me and when I have had the privilege of guiding them I want their fruit to both increase and remain. If I were a fruit producing tree, I would want my fruit to be so abundant that the branches would sag to the ground by the weight of the fruit.

Be passionate about people. Be full of joy so that your overflow will get onto everyone around you. Be contagious so that you can inspire those around you to achieve greater things. Multiply yourself in every person you have the opportunity to. And, if you are one who has been dragged down by everyone around you, change your surroundings and get around people who will urge you on to greater things. You will be so glad you did! Life will be better, fuller, and more adventurous than ever.

In closing, if you are a leader of people, your greatest asset is your ability to multiply your own gifts in the people around you. Impart, inspire, and send them out to do the very things you are now doing.

I’ve often meditated on King David’s life and the fact that his mighty men were willing to die for him. Why were they willing to die for their leader? My conclusion is that David was a father to those called to help him. He laughed with them when they were joyful, he cried with them when they mourned, he corrected them when they needed it, he taught them the ways of life, and lived what he taught. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he had a heart after God and that heart directed him.

We are called to build people and multiply the kingdom. When we drop our jealousies and insecurities to fulfill our greatest call we will see increase in every area. God’s vision is for people only and if we will participate with His vision for people there will be no limit to where He will take us.


~ by Charlana Kelly on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Inspire, Impart… Multiply!”

  1. Have I ever told you what a contagious person you are? I’m trying to “catch” all I can.

    I believe this is called “Holy Germination”.

  2. excellent

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